Newborn Nurture Club

Welcome to our brand new Newborn Nurture Club!

Suitable from 6 weeks to confidently moving, these weekly sessions are designed to offer parents a variety of skills which will build their confidence with little ones and help to support their development.

Each session will include:

- Baby Yoga - some gentle Yoga stretches for both parent and baby that help to strengthen and tone muscles

- Baby Massage - focusing on a different area each week which can help to aid common ailments such as wind, colic and constipation as well as improve sleep

- Tummy Time - age appropriate guidance, support and activities to enable parents to feel confident with tummy time and build in structured time into your routine at home

- Sensory Play - using a variety of props little ones will be introduced to the amazing sensory world! A great way to boost their brain development and enjoy special experiences together.

- Social time - built into each session is dedicated social time with a hot cuppa (not microwaved several times over!) to support the lifelong friendships and bonds that develop during classes

All classes are completely baby-led, to enable parents to meet baby's needs whether that is feeding, changing or cuddling, with opportunities to engage in the activities when little ones are ready. 

As babies grow and start to get on the move, they are able to graduate into our next class 'Blossoming Babies' where the familiar structure helps to build confidence, but the activities are geared towards the next developmental stage to support little ones as they progress on their journey to becoming a toddler!

Happy Baby
Moms and Babies
Exercising with Baby

Classes Available to Book

September/October 2021

Thursdays 11:45-1pm

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