Children's Yoga and Mindfulness


Yoga is a very ancient science that helps to develop flexibility and strength in our bodies and happiness and peacefulness in our mind. Children live in a fast paced world of busy parents, school pressures, new technology and competitive sports and this can often be extremely stressful for them. When we enable our children to learn techniques for self-health, relaxation and inner fulfilment, we are allowing them navigate life with a little more confidence, resilience and a positive mindset.

Yoga encourages children to develop their self-esteem and body awareness through a gentle non-competitive physical activity. During classes, children are able to exercise, play and engage deeply with their inner self and those around them in a positive and safe environment.

Yoga can be particularly beneficial for children with SEND. There is a focus in all sessions on an awareness of breath and how this can affect the body, which teaches children how to self-calm and balance their emotions. Movements and techniques are broken down into small manageable chunks, with repetition playing a huge role in the gentle natural flow of the sessions. Movement, breath work, visualisation, storytelling and music are used in a variety of ways to activate the emotional part of the brain which encourages children to be aware of their senses and how they can focus. This is turn can support those children who have been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder.


Starting Tuesday 23rd February 1:30-2pm, these classes will introduce children to gentle Yoga movements, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, with a different story/theme each week. Break up the day of home-schooling with some fun Yoga!

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Schools, Nurseries, Home School Groups


A range of workshops are available to book for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 that can take place on site at your venue, or off-site in a local studio. 

Early Years and KS1 - workshops centre on exploring a particular theme or story, enabling children to experience calming breathing techniques, fun Yoga movements and activities that build confidence, cooperation and resilience. Workshops can be adapted to suit a current school or nursery theme and timings are flexible throughout the day.

KS2 - workshops centre on exploring a particular theme with a focus on the control of the breath and how this can impact movement and the body. Children will explore activities that will enhance their flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. In addition, there will be opportunities to discover how to self-regulate and build resilience and confidence in a safe and welcoming environment. Workshops can be adapted to suit a current school theme and timings are flexible throughout the day.

To book a free 30 minute taster workshop or request more details, please contact Siobhan Buchanan by email: 

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Once booked a confirmation email will be sent through within 24 hours with further details and a registration form. 

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FREE ONLINE Children's Yoga classes

Starting Tuesday 23rd February, 1:30-2pm